Integrate Gmail with Microsoft To Do

Easily with Pleexy

Pleexy helps you boost your personal productivity by creating tasks in your Microsoft To Do from starred emails in your Gmail account.

Save time! Pleexy can synchronize due dates and automatically remove stars from your emails when you complete tasks in your Microsoft To Do. You don’t have to bounce back and forth between apps.

Pleexy ensures that tasks are up-to-date on both sides of the integration.


After you connect Gmail as a source service, you can use Pleexy’s customization options to integrate Gmail and Microsoft To Do exactly the way you want.

You can specify the Gmail labels where Pleexy will pick the tasks to add to your Microsoft To Do, and you can tell Pleexy to ignore Gmail emails that you consider “out of date.”

Destination settings define how Pleexy creates tasks in your Microsoft To Do. You can create all tasks in one project, or you can use an individual project for each folder – you decide which option works best for you!

Pleexy also allows you to control what happens in Gmail and Microsoft To Do when you delete and complete tasks – on both sides of the integration!

Maintain a clear picture of what you need to do for each project and prioritize your tasks across all projects – with Pleexy.